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Returnable Boxes

Returnable Box manufacturers & Supplier

SSIC packaging solutions are custom made to fit your needs as a returnable and multi-use or regulations limit its use to one. Made of extruded polypropylene sheets, our returnable or reusable boxes are lightweight, sturdy and can last as long as 7 years. At the end of their useful life, they can be recycled and re-produced for a second life.

Durable yet lightweight our returnable boxes protect the transported goods while yielding considerable savings in material handling, packaging waste, returned logistic and reduction of CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain.

Our offer includes a comprehensive portfolio of packaging boxes ranging from small to large in sizes, fittings for further protection and optional components that improves ergonomics and efficiencies in material handling.

Why Choose Us for Returnable Boxes?

SSIC specializes in designing and manufacturing the interiors of these containers, and even the containers themselves. We will work with your company to provide the ideal solution for your packaging necessities. To carefully hold the parts being shipped, we use Coroplast corrugated plastic, special foams and many other materials in our procedures.

If your parts are delicate or sensitive to scratching, we offer laminates, Class A foam, and many other tools to accommodate and protect any part during transit. What are you waiting for, returnable box is protected, cost-efficient and an outstanding standard. Go Green! Use Returnable!

Features of Returnable Boxes:

High flexibility


Shock absorption

Application of Returnable Boxes:




Logistics purposes

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