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Outer Packaging

The packagings must be of good quality, strong enough to withstand the shocks and loadings normally encountered during transport, including trans-shipment between transport units and between transport units and warehouses as well as any removal from a pallet or overpack for subsequent manual or mechanical handling. Packagings must be constructed and closed so as to prevent any loss of contents that might be caused under normal conditions of transport, by vibration, or by changes in temperature, humidity or pressure.

The packaging must consist of three components :

  1. Primary Packaging
  2. Secondary Packaging
  3. Outer Packaging.

Primary Packaging must be packed in secondary packagings in such a way that, under normal conditions of transport, they cannot break, be punctured or leak their contents into the secondary packaging. Secondary packagings must be secured in outer packagings with suitable cushioning material. Any leakage of the contents must not compromise the integrity of the cushioning material or of the outer packaging.

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