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Dump Bins

Custom Cardboard Dump Bins-Ideal for promotions & sales

Cardboard dump bins are excellent to magnify sales and increase brand recognition. Available in a variety of sizes tailored either to your products or floor space available, they are perfect for product launches, old stock clearance, seasonal promos or to help sales of slow-moving lines. Corrugated cardboard dump bins are easy to construct, free-standing to allow easy positioning and strong enough to last in bustling retail locations like a mall, exhibitions. They can also offer enhanced brand awareness & contribute to brand visibility.

What is a cardboard dump bin?

Dump Bins are large boxes, an eye-catcher standing display units on the floor that can't be missed due to their size a great deal of product can be offered for sale. Either a single line or a series of different items can be promoted in dump bins surface and grabbed as consumers pass by. This type of display is a very popular way to present a vast assortment of products in-store and has been for many years. Your choices are numerous and varied giving you options on how to increase your brand awareness and promote your products in-store. Floor standing dump bins can be quite a size so displaying a variety of products that ‘bundle’ well or complement each other makes for great attention-grabbing display.

Cardboard Dump Bins – Ideal for Creating Impulse Purchases

Perhaps the original cardboard display packaging, dump bins have been around for a long time and have been designed and manufactured in all manner of different patterns, designs, and sizes. Like the most point of sale or point of purchase displays, it can be a plain and simple square, circle or hexagon or more complex shapes, with or without headers, simple square or multi-sided, whatever that works best for your product and boosts purchases. Generally, customers choose the large floor standing dump bins to display a range that complements each other and are often purchased as ‘bundles’, the strategy can enhance the value of a purchase as it is often very eye-catching.

The advantages of a cardboard dump bin are as follows:

It is eco-friendly, recyclable, and easy to assemble

Ideal for promotions & sales.

It can attract customers' attention, and stimulate customer purchase.

Ideal for product launches.

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